Fee Consulting

Gabhart Investments will ably undertake the responsibilities of your project. We will provide thorough financial analysis, plans, supervision, and direction to hasten your project to completion.

As a consultant, GII will:

  • Provide a plan to exploit the best functional and financial use of the property
  • Provide a complete financial analysis of your proposed project including what-if scenarios
  • Provide budget projections, costing and forecasting
  • Plan and direct a comprehensive construction management program
  • Accept bids and negotiate contracts for contractors, engineers, architects, and other experts
  • Direct the design and development at all stages
  • Establish work and cost controls for the project and review all expenditures
  • Plan and conduct a dynamic sell-out campaign to achieve rapid absorption rates

Our project management integrates the numerous aspects vital to the success of any real venture. GII has the tools and resources to make sure your project gets done right.