Commercial Real Estate Internship Update #1 – Blake Imperl

Commercial Real Estate Internship Update #1 – Blake Imperl

How My Views on Commercial Real Estate Are Changing

By: Blake Imperl

As I am approaching the end of my first month as an intern at Gabhart Investments, I’d like to reflect on what I’ve learned, and what has changed thus far.

What I’ve Been Doing

Over the past few weeks, I have been spending a lot of time reading the material Curtis has provided me on Property Valuation & Investment Analysis. Although it is mainly an overview of the subject, it has proved to be some highly valuable content. This material essentially picked up where I left off in my Real Estate Investment Analysis class that I took last semester at San Diego State. I have been brushing up on subjects like tax benefits, 1031 exchanges, expenses, leverage, returns, evaluating cash flow, and much more. I still have a great deal of learning to do on these subjects, but it is exciting to see how what I’ve learned in the classroom correlates to real world applications. It is my intention to continue to read up on these subjects and ask as many questions as I can.

I’ve also been observing how Curtis and his team assemble marketing packages for commercial properties they are listing. I was doing things similar to this at my last internship at Realty National, so I’ve enjoyed seeing how this translates in the commercial arena

Commercial Real Estate Blog Posts

Another task I have taken on is the editing of Curtis’s blog posts. My first edit was a post on property walkthroughs. One tremendous benefit of doing this has been the information I’m learning is sticking much deeper than if I just glanced over it. It’s proved to be a great learning tool for me and I’ve even taken on the task of researching some of the topics I was curious about. Writing has always been a passion of mine, so getting the opportunity to revise and write some stuff has been great. I’m excited that I will get to continue to edit blog posts during my time here.

Property Walkthroughs

This past week I had a great learning opportunity with Curtis to do a walkthrough of a 13-unit apartment building in Fallbrook. I was able to learn about some of the things you should be looking for in a property, both on the interior and exterior. This was a neat real life application after reading Curtis’s article on property walkthroughs. This is certainly the kind of stuff you’d never learn in a class room.

13-Unit Apartment Building In Fallbrook

La Jolla Multi-Family Building

Another property we looked at was a 5 unit multi-family building in La Jolla. This was a very intriguing property because it had great bones, was less than a block to the beach and offered several routes for renovation. When walking the property, we looked at things like the condition of the floors, the bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, electrical, etc… It was far from move-in-ready, however, at the right price this could prove to be a great deal.

Curtis and Abe inspecting the condition of the upstairs balcony

the interior of the detached studio

Co-Star Lunch & Learns

In addition to the property walkthrough, I’ve also attended two Co-Star lunch and learns with Curtis and his assistant Dianne. The one that stood out to me was on the housing forecast over the next few years in San Diego County. I enjoyed this meeting because this is a real problem we will be tasked with fixing over the next decade. This past semester in my investment analysis class I did a great deal of research on this subject, so it was neat to hear the industry take on the issue.

Other Opportunities

Lastly, I have very much enjoyed the opportunity to pick Curtis’s brain. He’s always offering me valuable tips and knowledge about real estate and just life in general. Whether it be tips on client relations, listing properties, or even just financial management, I’ve been trying to act like a sponge of knowledge. He’s always honest about things and I respect that.

My views on real estate are growing stronger than ever and I’m excited all the learning opportunities that lie ahead. I am finding that the San Diego Commercial Real Estate Market contains more possibilities than I ever could have expected. Stay posted for my final update in August!

In a bit,

Blake Imperl

Intern, Gabhart Investments

Get Into Commercial Real Estate

Get Into Commercial Real Estate

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“You taught me what it takes to be a successful real estate professional. The daily responsibilities and duties required to be a great salesman. Most importantly, you turned me into a business man. Since I started working under you as a sales associate at ACI Commercial I never made less than $100,000 per year. Now, I run my own office with 8 sales associates, and manage over 250 rental units” – Brian Nelson – Former Treasurer of the SDSU RES, President/Principal South Coast Commercial, Inc.

“I learned more about how real estate transactions and construction projects work in the few months I worked with Curtis then I could ever have hoped to learn in the classroom. Curtis showed me how real estate deals are found, transacted and managed from start to finish. I am glad I took advantage of the opportunity to work with Curtis, it opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that can be found in real estate investing.”Sean Bascom, President SDSU Real Estate Society

“Curtis, I enjoyed your seminar enormously. I can see it would give any residential realtor an advantage if they want to go into commercial real estate. Your class was fun and a great learning experience at the same time. After attending your seminar, I listed over 2 million on commercial real estate using the techniques I learned at your seminar. I won’t hesitate to recommend it to others. Thank you” Ramon Cardenas, RCA Commercial Group, Pico Rivera, CA

“Curtis provides great insights and strategies on how to build your real estate business, as well as how to work effectively with both buyers and sellers. Even the information on software selection and networking opportunities was helpful. I would highly recommend the class for those serious about their success is this lucrative niche of commercial real estate.”G.W. Alexis, Broker

“Attending the Multifamily Brokerage seminar put on the NSDCAR Commercial division, presented by Curtis Gabhart, proved to be very informative and educational.  I found the seminar to be chock-full of specific strategies and tips relating to successful commercial multifamily brokerage.  The information was pragmatic, real and helpful for both a new broker getting into the business, as well, a refresher on what is important for those already in the business. “ – Brad Rust, President and Co-Owner at Giovi Real Estate Group, Inc., Co-founder at Lucid Capital Solutions, President at Giovi Real Estate Group, Inc


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