Lake Houzz featured in Dupont Registry

One of GII’s properties, “The Lake Houzz” featured in Dupont Registry

Top 10s of 2014: Luxurious Baths


Great news, The LAKE HOUZZ has been featured in the Dupont Registry!

we made it into the Top 10s of 2014: Luxurious Baths

not once but TWICE!!! Look for use at the top position and also the bottom position

Im personally a little biased to to second one, looking out over the lake whilst showering down with the misses

It’s official – TLH is the July cover home in the duPont Registry

The Lake Houzz

The Lake Houzz

The Lake Houzz was chosen as the July 2014 cover home.
We feel honored to be chosen over so many other extraordinary properties around the world.The duPont Registry is the premier luxury home magazine including the exclusive distribution in the locker rooms of the NBA, NFL, NHL, NBA as well as PGA players.Can’t you picture a San Diego Charger or Padre living here? Just a short drive to the ballpark and stadium