Chula Vista Flip… Going once, Going twice, Sold the cat pee house…

Chula Vista Flip… Going once, Going twice, Sold the cat pee house…

Ahhhh finally we sold our Chula Vista 2 bedroom 1 bath house.


The cats in Chula Vista didn’t use the bathroom like this good kitty did

  • trying to get rid of the strongest nastiest cat urine smell I have ever encountered (see video below for the smell O’ vision cam)

  • the 30′ septic pit we discovered (which was supposed to be a septic tank – actual picture)
  • paying $13,000 in city fees to hook up the septic (pit) to the city.
    • An appraisal that came in $20,000 to low.
Besides those little things you couldn’t have asked for a smoother, easier, less stressful transaction.
I must have been on a bathroom break (training the cat to pose for the picture above) while I was watching those get rich quick late night Real Estate riches infomercial (those nights I wake up thinking about sink holes, low appraisals, and dealing with city governments) hosted by those two midget dudes.

Does one steer while the other brakes and accelerates?

I just don’t recall seeing my little buddies mentioning those damned septic pits that cost 15 gees to take care of.
In addition they didn’t include the super duper negotiating navigating techniques it takes to keep a deal together with these challenges.

That must come with the more expensive course sold by Tom Vu


Final stretch with construction

The plan is to have the inside complete today minus some punch list items, plumbing and final cleaning/touch up paint.
Tomorrow the landscaping should be going in and the shutters up. That should really pull the look together.

I am undecided as to whether I want to bring it to market over the 4th of July weekend or not? I will Poll a bunch of realtors on Facebook and Linkedin to see what they say and call some up also.

Once this is ready for the market I will personally start calling agents and letting them know this is for sale. I am not trying to take away from our realtor’s job who brought us the deal I just feel that it give me a reason to call a Realtor up, give them information of value (a property that’s not yet on the market) and then let them know what I am looking for.

I bought 2 properties this way when I was selling Pennsylvania
 Check out the video from this weekend


First exterior shots after paint


Interior Shots

Over and out…

5th Avenue Project – Video update from the 21st of June

Here is a quick walk through video from Wednesday.

  • As I speak the exterior is getting prepped for paint which should be going on today or tomorrow and finished Monday.
  • Ahead of schedule for construction grand opening
  • The rest of the Home Depot order will be there today (I hope) appliances arrived yesterday
  • Landscaping going in this weekend (we work weekends to get the projects done on time)


Video Update


5th Avenue Project – Updates

About 10 days into the project and everything is going pretty smooth. To save money we painted the inside ourselves and the painting contractor will be there tomorrow.

Wood floor guys showed up today and walked off the job because of a mis-communication on the scope of work. They thought they were only getting paid to refinish the floors and we were going to fix them. I had to explain they were doing everything (they make more money). Lucky I got a phone call from our guys letting us know they were leaving so I could straighten out the mess.

Should be done in about a week.