Passed our nailing inspection on falcon

Hit another milestone today by passing our nailing and insulation inspection and have a crew working on taping and texturing the drywall and putting stucco at the garage.

I am making my finish materials order today so we can start installing later this week.
Here is our floor and shower tile.
We got it from emser tiles and is called strands chestnut
We will also be using there lucent product in a glass subway tile as a full backsplash in the kitchen and 1 wall of the shower to make it really pop and stand out from other flips.



Well we only have one more inspection to go and the place is looking great.

  • Cabinets are in
  • tile is in
  • color coat of stucco and cement this week beginning of next.
  • Send pictures soon.

Driving the comps friday.

Aaaaaaaalmost done with falcon flip!

Here are the latest pictures from last week – weve been very busy and have not been able to post everything I would like to.

This week we should have


  • Granite
  • Painting
  • Cement


I have not had the chance to upload the videos on the comps in the area but the values are looking very positive and we are hoping the delay may have worked in our favor.

Obviously we won’t know that until we close escrow and sale the place.

Garage Almost Complete

Here is a video of the Brand New Garage at Falcon. Just need to have it painted. Look for this gem to hit the market soon!!!!!!!!!!

A numbers crunching intern getting wrapped up in real estate! Pt. 1/2

A numbers crunching intern getting wrapped up in real estate! Pt. 1/2

A little about me! Maximilian Frank

I am 21 year old senior at the University of San Diego and am currently studying accounting. Growing up I was continually moving from one residential flip to another which led to my excitement about business and its many aspects. Initially I wanted to pursue a career path in marketing; I loved the analysis and market research portion and enjoyed the creativity behind pushing a product. However, through school I grew to appreciate business as a whole and realized I wanted to eventually start my own company at some point. Trying to make these dreams a realization, I figured it was important to develop an understanding of Accounting. Doing so will empower me to recognize foreseeable financial problems and allow me to make educated decisions based on numbers. It was the transition to accounting and my familiarity with residential flips which has brought me to where I am now working at Gabhart Investments.

Why did you choose to intern with GII?

After narrowing down the possible internship opportunities, GII continued to stick out above the rest. GII stuck out for two reasons, one because of the breadth of work I would be doing and thus learning about, and two because of the small business environment in a field I previously lived through.

How did you hear about the internship?

I found the advertisement for an internship position on a social media platform called Torero Link offered through the University of San Diego.

What are you trying to accomplish?

The reason for interning was to learn as much as possible in order to grasp how to run a small business in the future and improve my overall accounting knowledge. Secondly, I am trying to learn as much about real estate as possible, initially I was mainly concerned with accounting however now I am finding a new liking in dealing with Real estate. Finally I am interning to get my foot into the door of business world so that I can start building a business related resume.

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