The Gabhart Investments team met last Saturday for our annual brainstorming/business planning day. Curtis reminded us that “sometimes you have to look to the past to prepare for the future” with his 70’s Boogie Nights entrance.


We encourage you to follow these 7 steps to have a productive brainstorming day:

1) Go offsite – get out of the office to create a relaxed environment where ideas can flow

2) Have a central focus – start with a central focus to keep some structure

3) Whiteboard a mind map – organize ideas in a non-linear map based on the type of idea

4) Create ideas, not plans – create and challenge ideas instead of making specific plans

5) No blockers or divers – stop people from dismissing an idea quickly or going too deep

6) Schedule next steps – setup another meeting to develop one or more good ideas further

7) Have some fun – afterwards we treated ourselves to a lawn bowling…yes lawn bowling lesson at Balboa Park (scores respectfully omitted).