We finished in just over two weeks the rehab on “the big house”.

Obviously since this house is in a multi-million dollar neighborhood we are going to tweak our marketing a little.

People are buying a lifestyle at The Heritage community. With houses up to $20,000,000 we feel our list price of %1,599,000 is a steal, especially considering that nothing (except on our purchase) has EVER sold for less than $1,700,000 (that was in 2001).

So here is what we are going to do.

Twilight photos

  • There are already previous photos of the property, but they missed some of the best features which we will capture at night including sunset shots and the house lit up at night should be stunning.
  • Adding some nice cars to the driveway¬† & huge finished garage including a Ferrari and a few other nice cars for the biggest impact of pictures.
  • People having fun in the pictures
    • We are going to have a (last minute) pre-launch cocktail party. We rented tables, chairs & covers for the back yard in addition to strands of light so we can stage a get together. I feel this will have a bigger impact than just a picture of the back yard (if it doesn’t we will still have a picture of just the backyard).
    • I want the buyer to say “hey that’s exactly how I will use the space to entertain friends and family”.
    • I want the buyer to think of them owning the house.

    Pre-Opening party

  • We are cold calling inviting all the big agents in the area an invite. So they can preview with themselves and clients before it hits the MLS.
  • Offering any agent who shows up an extra $5,000 if they bring an offer that closes at ANY time during the listing as long as they show up to this launch.
  • HAVE fun!!!!


Launch is this Monday April 30th from 5pm – 7:30 pm and business casual to casual. There will be light appetizers, wine, beer, water and soda.


Stop by and help us to sell the place by being part of this event.

14360 Ciera Court, Poway April 30th, 2012 5-7:30 PM

Call the office for more information or me at 619-928-2878

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