I have been using virtual team members/assistants for years now and have found that, when set up and managed well, the benefits can be enormous. When I was an owner at ACI, doing commercial Realtor work, we had a large team of agents who were greatly served by the many functions our virtual team was able to provide. Currently, as President of Gabhart Investments, Inc., my focus is on syndicating real estate deals and virtual assistants have proved to be extremely useful in this capacity as well.


Some of the many benefits of working with virtual teams include:

  • Allowing you to focus on your highest value activities, such as talking to potential buyers and sellers, rather than on tasks that can easily be done by someone else. Not everyone is able to generate leads, but there are a lot of people able to do research, data entry, etc.
  • The relative ease in scaling up/down your labor force according to the current needs of your business
  • Hiring virtual team members by the project gives you the ability to compete against larger companies by giving you the work force needed to manage the job, without having to consistently maintain a higher overhead.
  • You can find more cost effective ways to have work done.
  • You are able to post a job and have virtual assistants submit bids, giving you the opportunity to save money on the work you need done.


Some of the many jobs that can be outsourced to virtual teams include:

  • Database Management:

As you know your database is your gold mine but is only as good as the information that goes into it. Most of us have the problem with updating the information into it and this is where a good VT can come in. We’ve had a full time person tracking everything that happened to any multi-family property in San Diego; including owner’s phone numbers and tracking EVERY listing (active, pending, expired), sale, NOD, NOT, etc.

Because of this I have probably the most comprehensive list of apartment property information in San Diego on my Realhound database. We have complete property records including ownership, unit mix, pictures, past and current sales of thousands of properties so when our agents were calling the information was at their fingertips and were able to have more educated conversations with the property owners.

  • Assist With New listings & listing proposals:

Agents fill out marketing request forms providing all the information that we felt was important for the agent to provide like the description and a spreadsheet with key financial information. This can then be plugged into our computer by our VT. From this information our VT would create our sales & marketing package for the listing.

Once this package was approved electronically and signed off by the agent & the owner, the information was used to input into listing services like LoopNet, local MLS, craigslist, and several others. Since we worked with a team out of the area, they were able to input all the data while our agents were sleeping. When the agent came in the next day, only 24 hours of signing a listing agreement, they would have a 30-50 page marketing and sales package, a property specific website, the property listed on 7 commercial listing websites, and an eBlast to the top commercial agents in San Diego, all at a cost of less than $30!

  • Create CAD design work and 3D rendering of projects:
  • Website design: I had my original website and company branding created by a graphic and web designer in Atlanta for about 1/3 the price it would have cost in San Diego.
  • Bookkeeping
  • Research of all kinds.
  • Editing work and proofreading.
  • Social Media


There are so many jobs that can be successfully outsourced to a virtual team, and your business can benefit immensely from utilizing this resource effectively. Tune in for part 2 of this 3 part series, where I’ll cover how to find the right virtual team members for your business!

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