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Due to the success of our first Fix & Flip workshop at our Shannon Project (AKA Aloha House) we are thrilled to announce our 2nd workshop.

The Shannon workshop was very fun and exciting. The project was just at the beginning phases of construction. We had our participants break off into groups and come up with a scope of work and share different construction ideas to maximize the value of the project.

After the great feedback we had (and standing room only with 2 days notice) we decided to do it again at another of our flips and will be doing something very similar for our Santee Flip workshop.

After going over go over how and why we purchased the property as well as which comps were used and how we have estimated our predicted sales price.

However, we have already gutted the entire project and what is left is a run-down, beautiful, desperately in need of rehab, gorgeous blank slate for you (our guests) to creatively come up with a scope of work and different construction ideas to maximize the value of the project.

Curtis will be touching on the five “F’s” of successful flipping with the emphasis on the fixing for resale.

They say it’s all in the buy which is true…

But if you don’t know how to estimate, manage, or decide on what should and should not be done you’ll always be unsure of whether it’s really a profitable venture.

When working on these house flips many times the profit is really in the design and finishes but the art is doing it on a budget so you receive an appropriate return vs. the cost of work being done in a timely manner.

The renovation phase

encompasses the planning and directing of all project functions from conception to completion. Our goal is to have a fully refurbished property in four to eight weeks from the time of acquisition.

It’s important to have processes in place for planning, purchasing, and contracting. Whether you are an agent or investor or even property manager these are key skills you MUST have.

Come join us for this informal/impromptu event where we will be using our project as a case study.

  • This will be a great place to network and meet fellow investors who buy property and invest in others, contractors, architects, and agents. They say it’s not what you know but who you know and we hope you make some great contacts you can do business with.
  • Briefly touch on the deal points and why we decided to purchase this property and how we found it.
  • We will present the property; walk through the property with all in attendance.
  • Then teams will be formed and work together to come up with a scope of work and to try to develop the best solutions to add value to the property.
  • Finally we will present our plans and show how to create maximum value, with the greatest return on investment.  After all, that is the goal of flipping houses right?

Finally we will re-group and discuss each idea and then present what construction ideas and plans we have come up with and compare them to ours, including

This workshop will be held Saturday the 5th from 9:00am to 11:000am on site of our most recent purchase in Santee. Register by filling out the form at the bottom of this page or clicking here. We will then contact you with the exact location.

    SPACE IS LIMITED, if you would like to attend please fill out the registration form below

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