As they say on Hawaii Five-O “ Book-em Danno”!

Construction is starting as soon as our plans are approved from the city.

This was the 2nd house fund 2 purchased. Property 1 was the Ocean Beach house. Ok so this deal seems to have come directly from Hawaii, we paid $323,000 cash for this 1775 square foot tropical wonderland.
In addition there is a huge 320 square foot bonus room above the garage that is not counted towards the square footage. In addition to the 3 fountains, there are 2 extra rooms not counting a bonus room and a huge lot

Upon entering what appears the front door you come into a  tropical courtyard with coy pond and a sitting area with an outdoor fireplace.

The master bedroom & bath is about 600 square feet that is already pretty much remodeled.

To top it off the shower is a friggin jungle (seriously check out the picture of the shower on the picture to the left!)

To top off the bad boy Jurassic park shower there are two friggin separate private toilets in the master bath for those couples who never want to be apart (see video below – it may take a second to load)

The Love Toilet – For those couples who never want to be apart


It’s located in the Rolando area of San Diego only about a mile from San Diego State University (SDSU) on a great street.

We found this deal through an agent who had seen this before and sent me to take a look at it. I will post at a later time a process I use of finding deals .

Below is the floor plan with the courtyard in the center of the property



Ahhh! so the question is what do we plan on doing to this place as far as improvements go right? Well it has to stay a surprise until a workshop we are holding their this Saturday from 9-12 in which we will tour the property, give a brief summary of the purchase, what sales price we hope to get and a copy of the actual existing floor plan (see above).

After that briefing I am going to discuss construction from the stand point of being an investor who is re-selling the property quickly and the process we go through on making our decisions.

  • Safe numbers to use before you ever drive the property (if you have some pictures)
  • Our initial inspection walk through sheet (you’ll be surprised at how simple this thing is and that you probably already have it) we use to give us our first idea of what needs to be done.
  • Then our quick back of the napkin cost assessment to see if it the price still pencils out before we submit the offer.
  • Creating a scope to give to a contractor.
  • Managing the process and basic tricks and traps to watch out for on these projects.
  • And then we will have everyone break off into groups, walk the property, come up with their scope of work after which we will all discuss and then we will reveal what we are doing to this project including a couple things that may surprise you.
  • If you are interested in attending RSVP me at workshop

Below is a quick video & picture collage we made of the property. I must not have had enough coffee when I filmed some of the scenes because it is a little shaky so hold on to your hats. Let me know what you think of the video.

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