The demo is complete and the downstairs walls have been framed out. Our electrician is installing wiring for outlets and lights this week. Plumbing and mechanical is about 85% complete. We visited and took some video for you (Curtis almost sprained an ankle walking through all that action, but he made it out OK):

Our Home Depot crew helped out with some sleek tile, lights and finishes. It is going to be a very modern home with a lot of light and clean lines and colors. I mean, take a look at the floorplans as well as some renderings put together by the dynamic duo at HD.




5th, Bullrush, and Caminito Agadir are all slated to close within the week.  We had to slay a few dragons in the past couple of weeks. An appraisal issue on Bullrush, resolved. A sewer issue on 5th, resolved. An air conditioning issue on Caminito Agadir, resolved. Buyers are happy now and all contingencies have been removed, so things are looking promising.

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