• Better price your flips right & don't try to come out with an overpriced listing or you may be sitting for a while. http://bit.ly/aV6Nbk #
  • My 7 year old has no idea how 2 use a real phone. She just picked up our hotel phone 2 dial & asked "where is the send button"! – how funny #
  • what are the best #realestate #blogs ??? #
  • You get what you pay for with online #real estate appraisals. http://bit.ly/b49wwc #
  • Professional investors move into #flipping #foreclosed #homes – latimes http://bit.ly/c209zh I seem 2b getting better discounts on the mls #
  • Com re < 41% p drop http://bit.ly/9bDZ8j #
  • RT @USATODAY Federal workers earning 2 X their private counterparts http://usat.me/39636276
    WOW! Aren't U supposed 2 make < 4 gauranteed $ #

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