My name is Nick Walsh and I’ve joined Curtis’ team as an Investment Manager to build momentum in this exciting and lucrative residential real estate market. Curtis and I met this past October at a University of San Diego real estate conference. After talking for a while, it was apparent that we both shared an interest in the single family and multifamily business. We met for coffee recently and realized that there was synergy among our talents and personalities that could help seize opportunities and expand his business.

As Investment Manager, I am responsible for the overall management of fund activities. Curtis has done a great job building a profitable system for flipping houses, and I’m here to help him repeat that same success on a larger scale. I will be instrumental in forming and maintaining investor and lender partnerships as Curtis incorporates independent funds into the capital structure. I will be managing investor capital accounts, including contribution and distribution timing and amounts. As the business increases in volume and complexity, this is vital to ensure that returns are maximized and accurate. I will be preparing investor presentations and disclosures so that the status of every project is transparent and easily accessible for all stakeholders. In addition to my investor relations role, I will also be participating in individual property acquisitions through property selection and management of the escrow process. Once the property is acquired into the fund, I will assist with strategic planning and budgeting for expenses and cash flow. During each project, I will be interfacing with accounting to track actual performance to budget. In each role, I am focused on contributing the best information and ideas so the team can make decisions to maximize profits.  

My professional resume is posted here on our website at If you are looking for a more personal touch, here I am in a nut shell. I grew up in Boise, Idaho in a family consumed by the inevitable cycles of the real estate industry. I’ve seen the best and the worst of times (dinner table had either filet mignon or spam sandwiches). I left Idaho for the Central California Coast lifestyle and was educated at Cal Poly in Finance and Accounting along with the amazing social curriculum there. I figured out that I was a “numbers guy” and jumped on the KPMG bandwagon in San Francisco after college. However, I requested to be placed on several real estate clients in an effort to combine my two passions, maximize my talent, and keep my sanity. It didn’t take long for the real estate boom in 2005 to coerce me back to Boise to develop residential subdivisions for the family business. I was bringing big city, big company experience back to dominate the hometown scene. We had a great run, but the market collapsed and my journey back to California began. The Masters in Real Estate program at USD caught my attention and I remembered that San Diego was the place to be if you are into beautiful weather, sandy beaches, and a vibrant nightlife. Now I begin the next chapter, and I look forward to the challenge.

If you have any interest in meeting me, drop me a line and we’ll set something up for coffee, lunch, or happy hour. Take care until then.

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