This is the property we closed on in the beginning of July  in Escondido, CA.
This property is located in a gated community constructed in the 1970’s. Surprisingly, the property did not need many renovations to get it ready for resale.
The exterior of the property will be repainted as well as new plants and bark will be added to bring some color to a colorless property. Part of bringing color to any property is installing a new front door, which is what we did. In the backyard new sod was installed and a new deck was constructed.
Inside new tile, carpet, and paint was needed as well as a light renovation in the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets were painted a dark Ebony color as well as a new sink and granite counter top were installed. The existing fireplace is going to be refaced with new travertine tile and a new Ebony colored wood mantle.
By August 11 this property will be on the market.

Home depot has great deals on queen palms here in San Diego. These guys were $10 each and we mixed them in with some queens that were $25 and a little bigger.
If you have the budget and it is appropriate there palms for @ $100 are HUGE and can really make a statement.
Since this yard is so big I needed to buy more plants so tried not to spend to much on any one plant.

All the cabinets throughout were honey oak.
We sprayed them out with a color coat of lacquer which ended up being a much better finish than the new cabinets we have been buying from home depot and the cost for  the whole house (3 bathrooms, 1 bank of linen cabinets) was about a 1/4 of buying new and installing.
You need good painters to do this. Don’t leave it up to your handyman.

The deck was in such bad shape that I decided to demolish the whole thing and rebuild a bigger one in it’s place. This deck is about 450 square feet and sits off the dining room. It really connects the inside and outside together and will be a great place to BBQ and entertain.

Our tile buys getting ready to face the fireplace with travertine tile.
Cheap way to really update the place and almost the first thing you see when you walk in the front door.
I always try to have a few “show” pieces in the house. I always try to put myself in the shoes of the buyer.
When they walk through I want them to think in there head that they can’t wait to show these things off to their friends and family.
To the right here is the sod we installed on the side yard. This was all dirt.

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