The plan is to have the inside complete today minus some punch list items, plumbing and final cleaning/touch up paint.
Tomorrow the landscaping should be going in and the shutters up. That should really pull the look together.

I am undecided as to whether I want to bring it to market over the 4th of July weekend or not? I will Poll a bunch of realtors on Facebook and Linkedin to see what they say and call some up also.

Once this is ready for the market I will personally start calling agents and letting them know this is for sale. I am not trying to take away from our realtor’s job who brought us the deal I just feel that it give me a reason to call a Realtor up, give them information of value (a property that’s not yet on the market) and then let them know what I am looking for.

I bought 2 properties this way when I was selling Pennsylvania
 Check out the video from this weekend


First exterior shots after paint


Interior Shots

Over and out…