Time flew today. I spent the first part of the morning finishing up my painting scope. I should be complete with it tomorrow. The rest of the day was spent putting together the contracts for HVAC & Water Filter. I have spent extra time modifying my old contracts from doing the conversion to be more appropriate for flipping homes.

The crew was worked hard today to stay on schedule. As a matter of fact we are 1 day ahead of schedule if you look at the bar chart below (look at the black fill in on the bar chart, each item will turn black when completed and then will roll up into the first bar for a percentage of total completion.  The way it is figured out is it takes a task and looks at the percentage of completion of that task and also what percentage of that tasks time frame  is of the total project.)

So far we are about 80% done with the rough electrical, windows and interior doors have been installed. Roof is in and the exterior yard is demo’d and has about 50% of th irrigation completed. You can look at the construction phase page on the time line to see what percentage completed we are at any point in the project.

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