Allrighty then…. I set up a site to monitor the progress of my most recent flip. I set it up so our investor can take a look at the progress of the project and I had a central place to keep important information.

I originally set it up as a totally private site but have decided to share much of the information. That way everyone can how the project is going in real time. I will do my best to update it frequently.

If you have any comments post them on this board.

click here to check it out. and come back often  because I will be posting information daily including schedule updates. We are hoping to be done within about 3 more weeks and on the market within 4. Stay tuned.

Below is a slideshow of todays work (if you can’t see anything let me know because that means it’s not working right)

Below that is the actual schedule I am using to keep the contractor on schedule. I will explain  how the  (gantt) chart works

Here is the schedule of the project. You can view more of the details on the site.

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