Here is a form that I created through Google docs forms. It is used to help with the rental application process by filling out the questions you then can easily keep track of who has applied to rent and where they are in the rental process.

I did this because I have the memory of a gnat, and I kept asking my assistant and on site manager who has applied and where is everyone in the rental process (when I have a vacancy, I want it rented quickly) , so I created this form. Now all I need to do is check my Google doc spreadsheet that is fed from this form and I know.

I will need to add some questions etc. (if you think of any, make suggestions), but it is very easy to do. If you would like a copy let me know. You can create a free website through Google for your property. I suggest that you have two sites

  1. For tenants and marketing of the property.
    • Add pictures for marketing
  2. A user permission based intranet for tenants and managers
    1. Put forms up (either attached or like the one below)
      1. Maintenance request
      2. Policy and procedures
        1. move out policy
        2. maintenance policy (see other posts)

These Google sites are VERY easy to build and best of all there free to build and free to host.

Stay tuned for more information like this I will be sharing. As always if you have suggestions to add to any of my ideas that will help me and others please share your comments.

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