Today started off  as a  normal morning, but I  thought of  an idea  it was to go with dad to work.  So when I got out of bed I asked him. He said yes! I was so excited.

Then of course I went to play webkinz for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Then I got dressed.

So after I got dressed I went downstairs at the time dad said he would be ready. But he was not ready. He was still talking to the painters & We left at 930 went do daddies office then fries then an Escondido house dad just bought.

Then we met with an investor BORING!!! YAWN  can we go now was the theme.

We went back to office to meet dads computer person.

I think his name started with a J. (I really don’t know.)

Dad and I went to dim sum… (it’s Chinese food) so close to dads work. The dim sum place is called Jasmine.

I was working on my blog  4  so long. At least it was fun!!!

I really like that in my dads new office he has his OWN bathroom.


Dad says since his theme this week is goals I need to write mine and here they are for 2010

  • Go to Disney world.
  • See my best friend Kayla more often. I never get to see Kayla. I wish I could see her every day (she moved to Paso Robles)
  • Go to New York to see Ms. Jodi (she was my babysitter)
  • Have more sleepovers at MY house.
  • Go to Canada or Idaho with popo. (popo is my grandma)

By Hailey Gabhart age 9

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