As you know I am working on my business planning for 2010 and I figured while I was breaking from writing the business plan
that just seems to give me a headache why don't we talk about goal setting. So I think as I come up with my 2010 business plan
and goals why not talk about goal setting this week....

Increase Your Achievement Rate Exponentially

In February, 2003, USA Today ran an article discussing New Year’s resolutions.  In early 2002, the newspaper had interviewed people who wrote down their resolutions either when they made them, or made them, but did not write them down.  One year later, only four percent of the people who did not write down their resolutions had followed through on them, however 46 percent of those who did write them down were experiencing success.

This is a difference of more than 1,000 percent in the rate of success and achievement, and it is attributed to the simple act of writing the resolution down on paper.  Thus, you are ten times more likely to follow through on an intention or goal that you have written down than one that you have only thought about in your head.

The Essential Goal-Setting Principles

DREAM BIG!!!  Imagine you have no limitations on what you can do, have, or be.

Practice idealization and modeling.

Put your goals in writing.

Write your goals in the present tense, as though they exist already.

Review and rewrite your goals daily.

The more often you read and repeat your goals, the deeper they are programmed into your mind.

The best time to rewrite your goals is first thing in the morning, before you start your day. It only takes about 5 minutes.

“To me the definition of focus is knowing exactly where you want to be today, next week, next month, next year, then never deviating from your plan. Once you can see, touch, and feel your objective, all you have to do is pull back and put all your strength behind it, and you’ll hit your target every time”

Bruce Jenner

Know Your Major Definite Purpose

This is the one goal that, if accomplished, will allow you to attain more of your other goals.

You must decide what your “major definite purpose” is.

What is your Major Definite Purpose?




Psychologists have discovered that the activities that give you your greatest feelings of self-esteem are usually the tasks or activities that you are ideally suited to do as your life’s work.

Why do you want to achieve your goals?




Prioritize Your Goals

Organize your goals into a priority hierarchy.


  1. An “A” goal is something especially important to you.  It is the goal you desire most and its achievement will make you tremendously happy.
  2. A “B” goal is something that you would like to achieve and would enjoy acquiring if you were successful.
  3. A “C” goal is something that would be nice to accomplish, or nice to have or do, not as important as “A” or “B”

Then, within this hierarchy, prioritize them further by number, writing “A-1,” “A-2,” “A-3,” etc.

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