Every spring flowers begin to blossom while every autumn the leaves begin to fall. There is a season in everything. The economy runs in cycles through recessions and booms. People run in cycles, they sometimes fail miserably and sometimes succeed unimaginably. This is nature and it cannot be overturned.

However one can take note of this fact and use it to their advantage. There will always be people who reach their pinnacle of success, only to be tested when they are near the top. They may either break through the glass ceiling, or they may make way for the next successor.

Shaya Boymelgreen is such a man. After decades of success in the real estate industry, he is being tested near his retirement age. We don’t know if he will be able to pull through or not. But we do know that in the current market there are opportunities for the next ten “Shaya’s” to be born. The question is are you willing to do what it takes to become one of them?

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