Held an interview today for recruiting someone to take charge of the marketing at Commercial Real Estate Association, went pretty well. Then I went to Shasta and took out all the construction guys for a sushi lunch. The guys look like they are going to have a late night.

Then I went over to two properties that an agent needed to get offers for. One was on a hilltop in Chula Vista with an asking price of $175,000. After looking at it as it was really chopped up, messy, no garage, had building violations and even had a $9,000 fine that the seller wanted the buyer to pay I felt $100,000 was a more likely figure.

However when one doesn’t have any information on the property before going to look at it, it can be tricky to give a realistic estimate. So there really should be a qualifying system so that while agents will always choose you to call first when they have a property, you aren’t running all day wasting time looking at properties. As you make it easier for agents to call you this system becomes all the more important once you start getting 5 -10 property review request each day. Eventually one can also train others to look at the properties… I might pick up one of the guys working on the construction job at Shasta.

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