Woke up at 4am. Looked at some properties that people had emailed me. Worked on the business plan for the Real Estate Opportunity Fund for which I hae a meeting with an Attorney to start drafting the Private Placement Memorandum.

I had a friend offer me some new office space and the interesting thing is that they are trying to buy some properties and there may be synergy between us. So let’s see how that goes.

Shasta was great yesterday. We had hardware floor guys, landscapers, carpet guys, carpenters, painters and plumbers! It does get a little crazy when so many people are there but it is really cool to see so much activity happening at the same time. At the moment no one can walk on the hardware floors so they all have to go in and out through the windows! Getting the granite tomorrow and need to find a housekeeper. Aim is to get Shasta on the open house this Saturday.

Today I will speak with some investors about my Real Estate Opportunities Fund. Need to start setting an appointment a day. Will work on the funds business plan. Also need to start thinking of and listing ideas for webinars and different events to hold in order to teach other people about Real Estate and Investing. The idea is to teach them so that either they can do it themselves or they can do it with us. Either way they should be able to benefit, and my benefits will follow automatically as a consequence.

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