We specialize in acquiring, renovating and upgrading multi-family properties and single-family homes.



Gabhart Investments & Gabhart Companies, privately held real-estate firms with a specialty in acquiring, renovating and upgrading multi-family properties and single-family homes.

Challenging times have historically produced new and exciting opportunities, today the real-estate market is no exception. The real-estate market is soft on a national level, values are low and the amount of distressed inventory is high. These current market conditions combined  with  the  collapse  of  the  mortgage  industry  and  overall  uncertainty of the economy, have produced special circumstances creating many exciting opportunities for investors ready to act and capitalize.

Gabhart Investments, INC. (GII) recovered sooner than many others corporations in the latest downturn. Thus, Gabhart has an advantage in the market, plus a recent track record of success, that allows GII to capitalize on the opportunities that are available in today’s real-estate marketplace by forming a new capital structure.

The Real Estate Opportunity Funds present an assertive means to expand our sales volume in an effort to provide more profitable returns to our investing partners. Our objective at Gabhart is to use our funds to buy distressed assets, rehabilitate the property, capture appreciation of the asset, and re-sell for a profit. We have profitably executed this strategy on over twelve properties since August 2009.Our success has inspired us to bring outside investors in as limited partners. Gabhart’s goal is to achieve a 20% – 30% annualized return for our investors.

 Gabhart investors are not locked into a long-term commitment. Our strategy allows each fund to have a relatively short life. Personal investments alongside GII provide a consistent capital source facilitating increased profits for everyone involved. The fund is closed out when the last property is sold. The proceeds and profits, from each property, are distributed to the investors from a Delaware LLC fund.  Then the investor has the opportunity to either reallocate all or part of the proceeds to a subsequent fund.

Our business model gives GII the capital to freely and continuously acquire property. As a result, we are ALWAYS ready to purchase when the market presents the correct opportunity and REO agents inform us first about deals because they know Gabhart performs.

Since  GII  can  continually  buy  properties  and  obtain better  economies  of  scale, the returns to our individual investors should be higher than one-off  partnerships .  By repeatedly investing with the same strategy, GII has built an influential momentum in their negotiating power on properties. Our negotiating power extends to other related business facets such as our cost of labor and materials.

For the next twelve to twenty-four months, we believe purchasing real-estate will produce financial results exceeding the investor’s expectation. We firmly believe that now is the time to grow and expand. Investors that had major losses in the last real estate cycle will not be able to compete as they continue to deal with their current problems. This positions us as a top player throughout the next cycle.

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