Gabhart Investments Inc.

Redeveloping housing through strategic partnerships

Welcome to Gabhart Investments, Inc.

Gabhart Investments, Inc. (GII) is the managing member of real estate funds specializing in acquiring, renovating and upgrading multi-family properties and single family homes. GII has elected to capitalize on the opportunities that are available in today real estate marketplace by forming a new capital structure. Real Estate opportunity fund(s) as an assertive means to expand our sales volume in an effort to provide more profitable returns to our investor partners.

The Objective

The objective of the funds are to buy distressed and value added assets, rehabilitate them to capture appreciation of the asset, and re-sell for a profit. We have profitably executed this strategy since August, 2009.

Investment Opportunities


Gabhart Investments Inc. is actively investing in 4-40 unit apartments within supply constrained markets in Southern California. We seek properties with value-add potential through implementation of one or more strategies.

Luxury Lake House

There are few places in the world that have a magic about them, places so unique and awe-inspiring that they change the lives of those privileged to have been there. The Lake Houzz at Serenity Point is one such place. Just one visit to this spectacular property will change everything you thought you knew about fine California living.



Properties that we have flipped


We have an extensive portfolio of properties that we have brought to the market, every one of them we have built to our meticulous standards, and are very proud to share them with you, Enjoy!